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Everyone Needs Love, As Well As Taco's
Chips & Salsa: Fresh corn tortilla chips & salsasV,GF$3
Empanadas de Amor (3):  Mini, buttery, flaky savory pies stuffed with love served with a RancheroTender steak & sweet caramelized onion  $7
Tasty zucchini, mushroom & pepper jack cheese VEG$6
Nachos Simple: Fresh corn tortilla chips with melted jack, cheddar and queso fresco cheeses, fresh beans (Negro-V  -o- Pinto), jalapeno & salsa VEG, GF
Macho Nacho * Add grilled chicken, steak, carnitas ,  shrimp
Guacamole: Fresh, creamy, haas avocados with a squeeze of lime, garlic & cilantro V,GF$4.50
Salsa de Hongo: A fresh and light mushroom salsa with carrots, jalapenos & cilantro all married together with lime V, GF $3.50
Elote: Mexican cheesy corn! Sweet corn, cotija cheese, lime, chile&avocado mayo VEG, GF $3.50
Cochinos: Fresh baked jalapenos stuffed with queso fresco, wrapped in bacon  GF $5.50
Quesadilla:Grilled Tortilla (corn or flour) filled with cheese & green chilies VEG*Add Chicken $2.50,steak or cornitas $3.25,shrimp $4$5
Soft Corn Sweet Tacos * Side of rice & beans $3
  Single 3 Tacos plate
Pollito:Grilled Chicken.GF $2.75 $11
Carne Asada:Grilled marinated steakGF $3.25 $12
Carnitas:Braised pork with coleslawGF $3.50 $13
Camote:sweet potato & black beanVGF $3 $11
El Shrimpy:Tequila marinated shrimp, ranchero styleGF $3.75 $15
Ensalada* Add grilled chicken $2.50, steak or carnitas $3.25, shrimp $4
Ensalada Latina:Crispy fresh hearts of romaine with tomato, carrots, cucumber, hearts of palm, avocado & jicama.VGF $7
Ensalada Azteca:A hearty blend of quinoa, corn, black beans, mango, nuts, peppers with lemon & chipotle, served with romaine hearts.VGF* Contains Fruit, Nuts & seeds $9
Mama’s Salsas:
Pico: Fresh tomato, onions, cilantro, garlic & spices (mild).VGF
Cilantro Mojo: Fresh & zesty Cilantro, jalapeno (medium).VGF
Jalapeno: Freshly cooked jalapenos blended with spices (Hot).VGF
Chipotle: A smoky hot sauce made from chipotle pepper & New Mexico chiles (Hot).VGF

Burritos* Side of rice & beans $3 * Add grilled onions, peppers or a fried egg $1.50 Smother it! Tomatillo OR Enchilada $2 Mole OR Chile Verde (Wed. only) $3

El Poll o: Grilled chicken, beans, tomatillo, pepper-jack cheese $6.50
Carnitas:Braised pork with coleslaw, beans & queso fresco $7.50
Carne Asada: Grilled marinated steak, beans, ranchero, jack cheese $7.50
El Camaron:Tequila shrimp, ranchero style with avocado, beans, crema $8.00
Relleno: Fresh roasted poblano pepper stuffed with jack cheese, housed by a light & fluffy egg batter, rice,crema & ranchero $7.50
El Pelon: Relleno, Carnitas, ranchero & crema $10
Frijole: Smashed beans with jack & cheddar cheeses, fresh onion, cilantro V $6

Platos* Add a fried egg $1.50

Chile Relleno: Fresh roasted poblano pepper stuffed with jack cheese, housed by a light & fluffy egg batter & fried to perfection, covered in ranchero sauce with rice & beans V $12
Chicken Mole: Tender chicken in a rich complex sauce made form chiles, nuts & chocolate, with rice & beans V $15
Pobre Hombre: rice, beans & coleslaw V GF    * Smother it: $3 $6

EnchiladasVegan add $3.00 * Add grilled chicken $2, steak or carnitas $3.50, shrimp $4 or sweet potato or a fried egg $1.50

Traditionales:soft corn tortillas, filled with jack cheese, blanketed in silky enchilada sauce topped with cotijacheese, served with rice & beans VEG GF $13
De Mole:soft corn tortillas, filled with queso fresco, blanketed in a rich complex sauce made from chiles, nuts &chocolate , served with rice & beans VEG * Contains Nuts & seeds $14
Tomatillo:soft corn tortillas, filled with pepper-jack cheese, blanketed in a mild roasted tomatillo chile sauce topped with cotija cheese & onions , served with rice & beans VEG GF $13
Mole:A rich, complex sauce made from a variety of chiles, porter beer, nuts, seeds, chocolate & cinnamon V

* Contains Nuts & seeds

Enchilada: A smooth & silky sauce made from New Mexico chiles V GF
Chile Verde:Green Chile ( Wednesday)
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